Les Feldick Ministries
Ordering Books/CDs/VHS/DVDs

All of Les Feldick's 82 numbered books are available in the form of transcribed books, audio CD sets, VHS tapes, and DVD sets. Each contains 12 half-hour progams (6 hours of programming). The "Questions and Answers from the Bible" book, seminar DVD sets, and other items are also available.

For a complete list of available items, prices, and ordering instructions, see the Reference List (in PDF format). Then mail in (regular mail, not email) or call in your order to:

Les Feldick Ministries
30706 W Lona Valley Rd - Kinta OK 74552
800-369-7856 or 918-768-3218

(The books can also be read or listened to on-line or printed for off-line reading at no cost by using the links on the home page.)

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